”Get Your Head Right!”
You are invited to be part of the Rotary Club of Nerang presenting:
Guest Speaker - Angry Anderson

Do you care about our farmers?
We are in a midst of a national suicide crisis,
especially in the drought affected regions of Australia.

All they want for Christmas is their Dad!
You can make a difference by attending this “one off” urgent fundraiser
on outback rural men’s suicide prevention,
brought to you by Nerang Rotary.

Sponsors Nerang Rotary and Newhaven Funerals are supporting a new local business Gold Coast rural pilot program,
“Get Your Head Right”, men’s outback musters, that is offering hope!

This lunch event will be held on Friday 22nd November 2019
at Nerang RSL Club.
12noon start – 4pm.

Attend this with us … so we can make a difference!
In the midst of a national mental health crisis “Get Your HEADRIGHT” offers a Streamlined Digital Strategy to deliver good psychological crisis care quickly and economically into the heart of the Australian Community.

Get Your HEADRIGHT” is a pioneering program created to take psychology beyond urban clinics to deliver real options to those who are overwhelmed and struggling to cope with life in regional and remote areas. This crisis intervention tool is designed specifically to target those who are either unable or unlikely to access traditional forms of crisis or mental health services.

The “Get Your HEADRIGHT” Program uniquely offers practical solutions to the current gaps in psychological crisis-care service provision, presenting timely, life-saving alternatives to those in overwhelming distress experiencing overwhelming barriers to accessing good crisis care.

Australia is a vast nation and many do not have access to adequate crisis intervention services. And even when crisis care services are available many still do not present for help for a range of reasons including, personal inhibition and condition minimisation. This material offers empowerment to individuals, family, friends and health services to act quickly to offer people robust, yet portable psychological crisis care.

“Get Your HEADRIGHT” offers a revolutionary new way to deliver vital services and alleviate the current bottlenecks and limitation of the way we have currently deliver community psychological supports. Out of a duty of care, we have sought to offer good crisis care alternatives to hard to reach populations who are either unable or unwilling to seek help. Being digital this material can be shared rapidly providing a high-speed response solution to deliver after-hours crisis care. You can now order a psychologist online and receive help in the mail, or take one home in your pocket from one of our regional seminars.

The “Get Your HEADRIGHT” program can easily be a stand-alone psychological intervention in circumstance where no other help is available. This material is a very adequate, robust and therapeutically sound crisis care solution and certainly does not represent a second-best or a lower grade intervention option. This material is also a very good option when other therapeutic interventions have not proved effective with particular client groups.
The “Get Your HEADRIGHT” is not an attempt to replace or minimise the importance of face to face therapy if appointments with crisis care or trauma informed therapists are readily available.

The Get Your HEADRIGHT program offers hope. It has been forged directly from the hell fires of people’s lives from three decades of working effectively with Australia’s most broken lives. The program is designed in a particular sequence, creating six uniquely practical parts that are logically and intuitively linked. The Get Your HEADRIGHT program easily represents the equivalent of six sessions with a specialist crisis care psychologist. It is a self-directed program containing a total of three hours of therapeutic videos navigated using a detailed workbook that cleverly facilitates most features of face to face therapy including, psycho-education, reflection, emotional identification, self-exploration, journaling and trauma reduction. This work has a vast number of features, and applications, which incredibly can also be used as a stand-alone trauma treatment.

The “Get Your HEADRIGHT” Program material remains the property of psychologists, Greg & Vicki Gardiner © 15.02.2015